Well, this was more difficult than I thought for a couple of very simple reasons. No. 1 – Fresh fruits and vegtables are expensive. They don’t last long (kind of need to buy fresh daily), and No 2. Fresh produce is expensive and  this cuts deeply into my meager food budget. But I did make an effort and that has to have some benefit.

Sat        2 Serv Salad, Banana, Watermelon/Tomato Salad
Sun        1 Serv Watermelon, Banana
Mon     2 Servings Cantalope, 2 Servings Corn
Tues     1 Banana
Wed     1 Serving Corn, Watermelon
Thurs  1 Serving Cantalope
Fri        1 Banana, 1 Serving Blueberries



I succeeded in the Treadmill Challenge this week.  I did the 4 10 minute session, which included the extra session as a penalty for not completing the 3 from last week.  So I give myself a 7 rating.  (No 10 because it was punishment for not completing it last week).  See new page “Over the Top”  for daily details.

WATER CHALLENGE – Rating 10  – I completed this doing an average of 68 ozs per day.  Above and beyond the 64 oz goal.  This is still tough. (Makes for alot of bathroom trips).    But I must say on the days that I exercised and went to the gym, it was much easier,

The pay-off, is that I’m back down to a solid 151.    

If you want to keep track of my daily progress and on-going fitness result, check out the new page at top.  It is entitle “Over the Top”, which is what I’m trying to do.  Break the bad fitness habit and get back to where I was.  For Europe I need to be over the top, to be physically fit.

Next Saturday, there won’t be a “Over the Top” fitness entry.  I will be out of town.  (See Thursday’s Post – Taking you with Me).  I will be breaking all the rules next weekend.  It’s impossible to go on vacation and eat right – I don’t even try – that’s part of the fun of any trip.  So join me and we will pick up the healtier eating habits on my return.