Today is D-day for my friend and former co-worker Alex Kling. He is embarking on a journey of his own. He is packing up (I Hope you are finally packed!) and moving to Spain for a year.

Alex is the person responsible for me having a facebook account.  The goal was so I could keep track of him for his year abroad, live vicariously  and experience the excitement of his day to day life in Spain.  So, now I have a 3 week old facebook account and I still can’t find Alex on it! LOL    Either way all of that has led in some way to this blog so, thanks Alex and here’s to you

Facts of Spain

The capital is Madrid, it is located in the exact center of Spain.  Alex plans to live in Sevilla, located in the southwest portion of Spain.  (Warmer weather, work on that tan). 

Language:  Almost all Spaniards speak “Castilian Spanish”.  Alex, Do you speak Castilian Spanish?  Oh, I forgot, you’re going to teach English!  So you really don’t need to speak any Spanish.  (Alex, Do you speak English? ? ? ).  Well don’t worry about communicating, I’ve found the perfect way for you to fit in.

In a Country where “Drinking Matters”, Alex, I know you will feel right at home.  The National Drink “Quarenta y Tres” made with 43 ingredients, taken as an after dinner shot.  Another Drink to look for “Pacharan”, it’s made from Sloe Berries.  This will have to be your signature drink in tribute to Sloe Poke.  Two other great things about Spain.


Spain is a country where every region, town and neighborhood has its own festivals or FIESTA!  Giving tribute to a vast variety of things, the common thread seems to be “Eat, DRINK, and be Merry!”  You being the Party Animal, that you are, I know you can do this.

After all, of this drinking and partying, and oh yeah, teaching.  My favorite part SIESTA!  Just what we all need.  A 3 hour break in the middle of the day.  I Love It.  Just shut down, go home, eat, sleep, have some wine, and relax.  Then work for a couple more hours, and party into the wee hours.  You gotta love it.

On the serious side, the truth is I’m gonna miss you,  But I wish you well.  Life is short, have a great time and enjoy the adventure.  I look forward to getting updates and pictures from Spain.  Have a Safe trip and see you in the fall. . . Pat