WOW, Today is my Birthday, and I’m turning 50. The BIG Five O. Wow, 50 years old! How did that happen? The thing that spazes me out about 50, is that it sounds old. To me it sounds older than 60, 70 or even 80. I guess by then you know you’re older, or as least you’ve had time to wrap your head around it. As a child and when I was younger, 50 was the official Old Age, Over the Hill, at “death’s door”. lol

Turning 30 for me was no big deal. 40 was a charm (I’d stay at that age forever). But 50! I conjures up all the clichés that folks have said; “Where did the time go?”, “What did I do?”, “How did I get here?” Now that’s the good part it makes you think, take an assessment of your life, makes you take a minute and . . . .pause.

The reality is that I know 50 doesn’t put me in the grave. My life is not over – not by a long shot. I don’t feel old yet. I’m in good health, good shape and “I Still Look Good”. I didn’t hear you, I said, “I still look good!” [Waiting to Exhale – get the movie]

So instead of 50 being “Over the Hill” – I’m at the “Top of the Hill”. Like Benjamin Button, it’s time to live life in reverse. I now have 30 years to live the second half of my life. I’m starting with some wisdom, experiences, knowledge and common sense. Unlike when I was 20 and thought I knew everything, I’m 50 and know more, but I KNOW I don’t know it all.

So the view from the “Top of the Hill” is pretty good. I can look back and see what I have accomplished. Family, Children, Grandchildren.
Jaz, Al, Sam, Syl, Dre
Anaya, DJ, AJ, Lil
I love all of you, and commission you to keep the dreams & traditions alive!

My Friends – Can’t name you all, but you make life interesting and are the fabric of my life.

But my inner circle – I Love You
JAT, ALF, JCB aka GC, AS65

As I look forward, I don’t know what the second half will hold. But the road down will be easier and faster than the road up. The first steps down this hill lead to Europe, (That’s the Reveal)  and that’s where I’m headed. One more thing off the Bucket List.

Happy Birthday to Me
from the “Top of the Hill”

“It’s what you discover after you know it all that counts”   –  John Wooden