OK, I Know you all have it now.  I”M GOING TO EUROPE!  But where, specifically.  Europe is  a big place, and I’m sorry to say, but it’s true.  We Americans can be quite ignorant about geography.

Well Europe is that land mast east of NYC, and the entire U.S. East Coast.  Across the pond (Atlantic Ocean).

When I started trying to decide, I realized there were a lot of places I wanted to see and they weren’t as close together as I thought.  Also, the more I read and researched places I wanted to see, the more places I wanted to see.  So I began eliminating.  My itinerary stops are not final.  I am still adding and eliminating.  but here’s where I started.

Early on, I wanted to go to, Paris, London, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain, and Holland.  Now you’ll notice there’s a mix of countries and cities.  Some of which were synonymous in my mind.  Then, I realized that really, I was trying to see a whole continent, and the elimination began.  Now that I’m on the countdown,  time away from work, and money are as much a part of the decision as anything else.  Actually that dictates everything.

As of right now here are my choices:

#1   Place to see     Paris, France

#2                                London, England

#3                                Pisa, Italy

Now if things go terribly wrong and the lavish trip I’m planning doesn’t happen.  I can spend a week – see these 3 spots and call it a day.

If finance permits Phase 2 choices, in addition to the above 3;

#4                                 Bern, Switzerland

#5                                 Amsterdam, Netherlands

#6                                Undetermined city, Spain

Well, tune in to see what the final choices are.  Please send comments on your choice.  Keep dreaming.