Most major events in our lives involve a good deal of planning. The bigger the event the more time and money we spend .

A wedding for example. We sometime plan for a year or more, and that one day seems to just fly by.

Graduations – We go to school for 12 years, 4 years, 6 years sometimes 8 years, to walk across a stage in 30 seconds culminating countless, tests, exams and sleepless nights.

The same is true for vacations. Unless of course you are doing a spur of the moment, I got a great deal trip.

I find that once I decide or know I’m going somewhere, the fun begins. I can excite myself on any given day with thoughts of where I’ll be next year, next month, next week.

If you can make the time leading up to your departure part of the experience, your vacation is no longer merely a week long.

I live for the countdown. Soooooo – LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!