Top of the HillSince I chose to see Europe on the ground – and the fact that I’m at the “Top of the Hill” [50], I realize that part of the success and safety of this trip is being in shape.

Now 2009 wasn’t a good year for my physical fitness and it’s all my fault.

2008 I was at the top of my fitness game but I just couldn’t hoist myself over the top.

So getting in shape, (not losing weight), is my focus this year and this trip is the motivation. You all, my readers, are going to be my conscience. I really do need your help.  Therefore Saturday’s entries are going to be in the “Over the Top”  category.

“Over the Top” will be me bearing my weight, my shortcomings, my progress, my lack of discipline.  In a hope that fear of failure and embarassment will motivate me.  It will also have exercise tips, nutrition and food tips.

So let’s get started, (starting weight 148),  . . .because “All Roads Lead to Europe”!