Well one of the major expenses of this trip is airfare.  Without it there is no trip.  Once I buy the ticket there is no turning back,  That ticket will also set the exact date for the trip. 

So #1  – Getting the best price is crucial

#2 – Length of Flight, time waiting in airports, especially going, all takes away from my vacation time.

#3 – type of aircraft – This is a bucketlist item that you’ll hear about in a future blog entry.

#4 – Airline – I want mileage points for my next trip.

#5 – Entry into Europe, (what city I fly into), will determine my itinerary route through Europe and that will be part of my tracking.  So Tuesdays will feature my airfare updates, and here is the weekly format for (“Tuesday Travel Times)

preferred Points of Entry

London –  LHR (1)      Paris – PAR (2)    Milan –  MIL (4)    Amsterdam – AMS (3)

Rome – ROM-FCO     Pisa – PSA (4)     Phoenix – PHX


Best Price This Week

PHOENIX                   14 hrs   25 mins                    $1,000.00                        LONDON

Phx               LAX                         LAX               LHR

1:40 pm     pm                                   pm   12:05 pm       US Airway – Virgin Atlantic

Best of the Rest

PHX – LHR     $1,033      Aer Lingus 

PHX – PAR     $1,001      Aer Lingus

PHX – LHR      $1,107     British Airway [747]

Future Air Fare Blogs – When Am I Going – Smaller Airlines