My Blog schedule got off track last weekend by a wonderful distraction.  The Celebration of my Birthday.  There is nothing like the unexpected and unsolicited kindness of others.  My Friends pulled off a massive event that took much secrecy, some cross country collaborations and lots of planning & organizational skills.  A Surprise 50th Birthday Party!  There was the added surprise of my 3 friends from Buffalo, NY flying in to surprise me as well. 

The road to Europe is off and running.  I received cash that goes into the Europe Fund, and Gifts that will aid in the enjoyment of my trip.  Now part of this post is a pretense to my Saturday “Over the Top” entry.  I ate all the deliciously wrong things this week.  So, my progress or effort this week is non-existent.

This Birthday Week provided many pictures and stories for you my blog readers for the next few weeks .  Our trip to Jerome, AZ,  (Yeah I had never heard of it either), to visit a winery.  My day excursion and dinner, that introduced me to a great new restaurant with delicious food.

So for now, just enjoy the pictures and give me another week to get on my fitness trek.  To all my friends and family, thank you for making my 50th memorable, despite the party and the gifts, the best thing I got was all of you!    Thank You All.   Now enjoy the pictures.