Well I’ve already given my excuse for not getting started on my fitness program. (See Friday’s blog & last weeks party pictures). But it has to end, so this week my start is focused on eating right. Specificaaly not eating out. Fast Food will Kill Ya. lol

This entry will be a little budget and a little planning as well. (I seem to do these two things with all aspects of my life. In Thursday’s preliminary Europe Budget, I allotted $60 a day for food. Well, I’m imposing a similar goal on my daily spending on food. I’ve allotted $10 per day for meals – $70 a week. Any money left at the end of the week goes in the Europe envelope. This should give me incentive to look for bargains, eat less, and increase my $$$$ for Europe.

I started by looking at the grocery store sales papers. I found Lean Cuisines on sale at Fry’s for $1.78 a great deal (lowest price ever). So 12 LC will cost me approx $20 or 2 days food allowance, but will provide me with 2 meals for 5 days. Then another $20 for some fresh fruits and vegetables for snacks and salads. If I eat like this all week, I should drop a couple pounds by next Friday and something positive to report for next Saturday’s “Over The Top”.

My actual cost was $42.42 – I went a little over, but I think I have enough stuff to get me through the week and will have some cash left for the envelope.

Now, If I could just get in the gym at least 1 day this week – I would really be accomplishing something. Well wish me luck. 

Starting Weight this Saturday 149