Well, some home computer problems and a birthday celebration last week has delayed this entry which was suppose to premiere last Sunday, the 10th.  So forgive the delay and let’s move on to my Sunday Blog Features which will be “Location of the Month”

Each month there will be a different location with facts, sites and information about the choice.

Welcome to the first Location of the Month – EUROPE

Europed as a destination is a grand venture.  It’s not like saying I’m going to Hawaii, or even the Carribean, Hong Kong, or on a Cruise.  When you say – You’re going to Europe, you’re really talking about a whole continent.  That’s like saying I’m going to North American, Canada & Mexico included.

So, lets start  by saying, I want to visit several countries in Western Europe with England, France and Italy being at the top of the list.

England – UK, Great Britian – My city of choice is London, but I have always longed to see the green of Ireland.

France – Of course Paris – Side trips to the Countryside and wine country would be great.

Italy – Pisa & Tuscany – Must see the Leaning Tower – Would love to stay in the Tuscan valley, Food, Wineries, Palaces, less hectic.

Spain – Sevilla – To visit a friend.  The country to experience Tapas Bars, festivals and the unspolied lifestyle of the Spanish People.

Other Countries/Cities on my preliminary wish list are Amsterdam – Land of Tulips, Windmills and Pot.  Switzerland – Chocolate & a view of the Alps. 

And as much countryside as I can see from the window of my seat on the Eurorail.  Keep checking in to hear what draws me to the places I’ve chosen.  Some choices are obvious others are less touristy have more to do with my own quirky personality.

Come join me on the journey.

See You Tuesday – for update air fares