Well, I must admit that last week’s first look at airfares was surprizing.  Last spring I saw roundtrip prices from Phoenix t0 Paris for $550.00.  ( I should have gone then) LOL.  So the $1,000 plus dollars  it is apparent I’m goin to be spending, will set me back a little.  The good news is I checked it out early, and have time to adjust.

Ok, well here are this week airfare prices, and I’m sorry to say they are no better than last week.  Actually a little higher but her goes.


Aer Lingus    Flt 6138     2 Stops   PHX – LHR     $987


PHX                                       LHR                          NON-STOP              $1,107

7:25 p.m.                           1:10 p.m. next day

Flt 288                      British Airways                 747    9 hrs 45 min

PHOENIX                $1,116 (Expedia)         13 hrs  5 min            PARIS

PHX                 CLT                          CLT                  PAR

8:45 a.m      3:34                          4:50 p.m.       6:50 a.m.  next day

Flt 302                                             Flt 786              U.S. Airways

And then there is the ridiculus

Non- Stop       Round Trip      First Class     on a 747

Flt 288     PHX – LHR      $10,880 ( that does include tax)  Tax is $631.52 (Almost a round trip economy all by itself.) 

Answer to the comment  on me flying first class – I’m gonna need some points or a buddy pass to fly first Class.

Well digest that for this week.  Check out the new ongoing page at the top.  Until next time . . .