After transportation expenses, lodging is my next major cost. As I said last week – unless you’re staying with a friend or relatives, this is going to be the most expensive part of your trip.  I have decided to shave some money from my lodging budget by doing the Eurorail and spending some nights on the train. It remains to be seen whether I’ve really saved any funds on this method. I will have to do a comparison later to see if I’m actually saving.

At my current stage I do plan to spend a few nights in London and Paris.  As for the rest of my stops, deciding whether to do a whirlwind day tour of a city and get out at night on my Eurorail pass, or stay a night or two, remains to be seen.

I  have no intentions of staying in any 5 star hotels. Now, my friends keep warning me not to do a hostel. (though I refuse to watch the movie!) My research hasn’t ruled out a hostel, they don’t sound that bad. But pretty much price will dictate my choices. I think that staying in small hotels, inns, private homes and B&B, regardless of whether I have a private bathroom, or toilet doesn’t bother me at all.  I would rather see another city, or spend another day in Europe then have a comfy bed with room service.  It’s not that kind of trip.  I can sleep when I’m dead!

I have found a couple of quaint spots for my Paris stay in small hotels, coming in with an average price of $110 a night.  Amsterdam promises to have prices ranging from $60 – $95.  Just a room, no fancy decor, and shared bathroom facilities.  London though, proves to be a problem site.  It is so far the most expensive with the cheapest rooms at about $150 a night. 

So here is this week’s revised budget, using the above hotel prices averaged out over the number of days.  Numbers are still based on a combination of estimating, researching, and guessing.  Still in the early stages, based on a 7 – 10 day trip.

Airfare              $1,107              (based on Tuesday’s Dream Flight choice)

Train                    $ 531                 See next Tuesday, airfare blog for details on the Eurorail

Hotel                 $ 800                 Based on 7 nights in Hotels in 3 Cities

Food                    $ 480                  Based on $60 a day estimates

Ent/Shop           $ 500                  Based on $100 a day for 5 days/sites

Souvenirs          $ 150

Misc                     $ 312

Total                  $3,880

Bold entries based on actual prices.  Check out the Running Updates page and the top for on-going stats and progress on trip.  Well the price rises.  We’ll keep working for next week.