When, I go to Europe, my days will be filled with site seeing, trying out restaurants, talking to the locales and experiencing the European lifestyle.  So once a month, I will write a Dry-Run-Day feature.  I will take a day trip around the Phoenix area and take pictures and talk to people and learn things about this relatively new city and state I live in. 

Here is the first episode of Dry-Run-Day, and ordinarily simple day in my life looked at as a tourist.

I was off today and needed to do a couple of errands like go to the bank and pay my cell phone bill. I ended up spending most of the afternoon browsing the mall, window shopping and thinking about my blog page, readers and my trip to Europe.

But you will be proud of me, I crossed stuff off my Europe Prep Things to Do List.  Now I have to say, this was not a planned Dry Run Day.  But as my day unfolded I realized it was just what one of those days should look like.  So heres how  it went, and written in the theme of  “All Roads Lead to Europe”

I went to the bank to get money to pay my cell phone bill.  My usual rush mode said Ok you’re done let’s go.  But then I thought ok I’m here so lets talk to a banker about there international policy and ask the necessary questions of my banks policy on the ATM withdrawls in Europe.  They knew less than most of my travel books, but I was given some phone numbers to call for departments that dealt with international stuff.

Then off to Sprint – After paying the bill I ask about international phone service.  Was my phone capable and how much were international rates.  The lady said I didn’t have international capabilities on my phone.  I told here that  my phone went into International mode on my last cruise.  She gave me a puzzled look and a customer service number to call.  So all I left with is another lead as to where to get information.

Then I went to Barnes & Noble had a coffee at Starbucks and browsed through the travel book section to decide which one I will eventually spend money on and buy instead of  borrow (from the library) or just read and take notes (the book store).

As I left there headed for the next destination, I saw a lady with the cutest puppy, and I engaged in conversation with a stranger and took pictures.  Isn’t she cute.


From there I headed to Best Buy to look at camera.  I decided that I have pretty good camera and may not have to spend money on that.  So instead a bought I micro disk for my new mini video/digital camera that I don’t really no how to operate yet instead.  That will have to be something I work on.

From there I went to lunch – Jason’s Deli,  had a lite lunch – Veggie Wrap, Fruit, Red Beans and Rice   [ for you Over the Top fans]. 

Left there and saw Bed Bath & Beyond, and thought I’d check out the luggage I saw last year that would be perfect for this trip.  They  didn’t have it, and the salesperson didn’t remeber ever seeing it.  I pulled out the pictures of the luggage on my phone to show him, and I was referred to the website. 

Went next door to Sport’s Authority per BB&B recommendation to see if they had what I might need.  Saw something I a lot less fancy then I had in mind, but for a lot less money that just might work.  I’m thinking on it.

From there took bus to Library to trade out travel books for new ones. Returned to my neighborhood, went to the grocery store to buy food for healtier lunches for the remainder of the week.   At about 11:00 p.m. went go the local bar for a drink and to listen to open mic night.  It was a full day and typical (at least on a smaller scale) of what I hope my  European days will be like.

Join me next month for Dry-Run-day for a trip to a winery.