Yeeaah!   I Lost 3 lbs from last week!   Today’s Weight 148.

I did a fairly good job this week of eating better. I didn’t indulge in one cheat day.  Though I did give in to a sweet tooth attack an ate 5 Hersheys kisses one night.

A Healthier Choice

 I only ate at a restaurant one day, a breakfast burrito.  I didn’t workout, not once.  Bad Girl. ( I must improve)   I ended the week with $20 left from my $10 a day food budget, that went in the Europe envelope.

Ok, so next week, I’m going to have to get that workout in. So to push myself and make it interesting, I going to say two 20 min workout this week.

My Food budget for this week is reduced to $50. I went shopping and bought food for this week, and I still have food left from last week. So, I”ll keep eating right and add a couple workouts into my routine and see if I make better progress next week!

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