I like train travel, It’s usually a smooth ride, comfortable, faster and less stressful than driving yourself. My only downfall with tranl travel is that it cost as much and sometimes more than flying. At least with flying you get there quick, so I think trains should cost less. Aaah but, I don’t get to set the prices.

Anyway, Europeans have mastered the art of train travel. They have developed high speed trains and connected most of Europe with railways that can take you anywhere. So, I’m looking forward to seeing more of Europes countryside and scenery from the window of my train seat.

My Eurorail pass wiill be my next big transportation expense. But I am really looking forward to the rides on the trains.  I haven’t narrowed down the exact number of days or nights I’m going to be on the train yet, but here are some prices to ponder.

Eurorail Select Pass    10 days over 2 months       $868

                                             8 days over 2 months        $770

                                              6 days over 2 months       $666

Now to air fares – Here’s the latest of the favored flights we’ve been tracking.

USA Flt 259     PHX (11:59 am)  —->   LHR  (10:05 am)  14 hrs 6 min  $1,073

BA  Flt 288       PHX (7:25 pm)    —->   LHR (1:10 pm)        non-stop       $1,108

USA Flt 302     PHX (8:45 am)  —->   PAR (6:50 am)      thru CLT             $1,146

BA Flt 288        PHX (7:25 pm)  —->  PAR (5:05 pm)      thru LHR            $1,089

Some other alternatives

BA Flt 288      PHX (7:25 pm)  —->   AMS (6:15 pm)   13 hrs 50 min       $1,059

BA Flt 288      PHX (7:25 pm)  —->   BER (7:00 pm)                                      $1,021

For Abbrev see Running Updates Page at tope.