Yesterday 12:45 p.m.

I’m starving!!   I’ve only eaten  100 calories which consisted of 17 pretzel squares. I’m on my way to work and walking past restaurant row. They must all be in cahoots with chimneys spewing fumes of delicious smelling fattening food. In and Out  Burger smells of fried onions and beef.  Then I have to get by Panda Express, Chick-fil-a, Som Burros and finally Carraba’s. It’s hard to stay focused and did I mention I’m starving.

See this is why I need my blog readers to help keep me focused and motivated. The whole time I’m walking, I’m thinking what am I going to eat.  But I’m also thinking that I have to report tomorrow on my “Over the Top” blog – and I keep walking. I finally settle on a slice of  Veggie Pizza and a salad from NYPD. A little treat and still within my limits.

Well, I did good this week. I exceeded my goal and worked out 3 times this week. I must say that after that first morning, I was motivated and energized to go back the next day. I wasn’t as tired during the day, and it made me even more aware of what I was eating. 

So, I’m proud to report that I weighed in at 144 down 4 pounds from last week.  I also had $5.00 left from last week reduced food budget of $50.00.  Therefore for next week here are my goals:

Minimum of 3 workouts.  At least 1 workout has to be 30 min.  Food budget will be $50.00 again.  Let’s see if I can drop another pound or two.