Well finally some movement in airfares and in the right direction – Down!

I started looking for prices flying into one city and out of another.  It was a better process for the possibility of seeing my friend in Spain, and some additional travel plans that may be in the works.

So I decided to fly in to London and for this weeks prices fly out of Madrid, Spain. So let’s get to the good news.

PHX                                ——>                       LHR

 11:59 a.m.                PHL                     10:05 a.m.

Flt 259                         Flt 728                      US Air


MADRID                         – – – – – – – – >            MIAMI

12:35 pm.                                                            8:57 p.m.

All for the grand price of         $835   (I can get a flt from Mia to Phx for $199)

This flight will allow me to possible get to Spain to see my friend Alex, and let me have my normal vacation with my travel buddy “J” (thus the Miami destination) .  This flight also gives me US Air mileage points,.    Well here comes the chase – can we go lower???  and how long do we wait.  But for now I’m loving $835.!