This was not a good week for fitness for me. I didn’t go to the gym once. Bad bad girl. The results or lack there of reflect that as well.

Well I was up this week 147, and I know exactly why. Though I didn’t eat real bad, I suffered from the lack of food money.

I had less food’money, so I didn’t have enough healthy food choices.  Without working out I had no cushion to work with.  I also did a fare amount of drinking this week.  Starting with a girls nite out last Saturday.  Superbowl Sunday this week, puts me in a bad starting postion for this week as well.

So, you say what am I going to do about it?  Well here’s the plan.  My plan is 4 workouts this week, with at least 3 being 30 minute workout.  I need to start today.  This morning and tomorrow (Sunday)  to combat my planned Superbowl celebration.

I’m also going grocery shopping in the morning to get some healthy choices, for the week. 

I also had no food money left  over for the Europe envelope.  A bad week all around.  But I’m going to do better next week.  So here’s to some will power and pushing harder.  Wish me luck!