What is the big deal of traveling alone – or doing anything alone for that matter. 

I always get asked the question “Who’s going with you?” After I tell someone of my plans for dinner, an excursion for my day off, or vacation palns.  Well, I learned a long time ago that waiting for others to do things or clear their schedules, come up with the cash etc. etc. etc., often meant the only one disappointed when we went no where was me. 

So I learned to continue to plan things – throw the idea out there, and anyone willing to join in was welcome.  But not since I was a teenager, have my plans ever been contingent on what others were willing to do.  Now maybe this independence came from being an only child.  You just naturally learn to do things by yourself.  Though that oneness with self also makes you yearn for a companion to do things with.  To share your excitement and discoveries with.


Now I never found the mate that had my same love of travel and discovery, but I did find a travel companion over the years.  We travel well together.  We generally like to do the same kinds of things and this works. 

Finding a travel partner is as intricate as finding a life partner.  You want to learn something about people quick, spend a weekend in a shared hotel room.  You learn how neat or messy they are, how long it takes them to get ready, how adventourous they are, (do they want to try the local food, or is McDonalds in Hong Kong their idea of exotic).  Are they cheap, or are they willing to shell out a few extra bucks for a once in a lifetime experience.  Uncompatiable travel partners can make a miserable trip for both people. 

My planned trip to Europe is a little out there for my travel partner, (trapsing across Europe on a train, with everything I’m wearing for 2 weeks, including my laptop and electronic gadgets in  1 backpack), so I decided to go alone. (I Love you J, but you know you are high maintenance. lol).    I didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity to do this trip my way. 

There are some advantages of traveling alone.  You can do what you want when you want.  I am a architecture and planning major, and I love to look at building and city skylines.  Europe is great for exploring and taking pictures of buildings.  My love of photography also plays into this attraction.  I’m not a big museum person, so even though Europe is full of famous museums, that’s not high on my list of things to do.  I like to walk and explore on my own.  Seeing what the locals do; where they go, what they eat, where the shop, it may not be glamours, but  it is very interesting to me.  Traveling alone allows you to pick up and move on when you’re bored, or stay longer, when you find a place that totally facinates you.

So don’t let the fear of traveling alone postpone your adventure.  Even the most reluctant of travel partners are sure to be intrigued by your discoveries, and bravado, impressed by your independence.  Who knows , they may be asking you to do it again and take them with you.  KEEP EXPLORING.