“Flight 288 from Phoenix to London, will be landing at Heathrow International Airport in approximately 10 minutes. The Local tine is Tuesday, September 14th @ 1:10 p.m.”

I’m about to land in the first city of my European vacation, London, England. I have 28 hours to try to see and do all the things, I have researched for the past 9 months. Can it be done? Is it possible? Well lets go.

I’m one of the first people off the plane, as I pull my book bag from under the seat in front of me. I head straight for the Tube (subway), with only a back pack, there is no luggage to claim. I get on the underground tube right from the airport for 4 pounds. My first stop is to buy a ticket for my Original Tour. It is the double Decker buses, that are on and off tour buses to all the famous sites in London. It is a easy way for me to at least see everything and get a picture or two. Plus when you buy your ticket after 2:00 p.m. it’s good for the next day as well. A good value for me.

So with tour ticket in hand. I head to “The Tea Orangery” for what is listed as “The most amazing place for afternoon tea in the world”. Tea is served until 3:00 in the afternoon, so I must hurry.

After Tea, I believe I’m going to hop on one of my tour buses. (The Original Tour Ticket allows you to hop on and off at different sites). Maybe I will ride it for the length of the tour, approx 2 hours. Take pictures, get oriented and cross some sights off my scavenger hunt list.

Then to my hotel to check-in, freshen up, make dinner reservations and change for the evening. The evening consist of a play at Shakespeare’s Globe theater.  Then by 10:00 p.m. off the “The Pigs Ear” for dinner.  Jump on the Tube to Sloane Square.  A English style pub that has an extensive menu, with entrees like Jeruselem Artichoke Soup with truffle oil, and Filet of Bass with Beet and Mushrooms,  Check out their website, for a more extensive menu items.  www.turningearth.co.uk/thepigsear.

After a good meal and a couple of drinks with the locals, then to my hotel to get a good night sleep and ward off jet lag.

6:00 a.m. Wednesday morning arise to start a full day.  Take the Tube to the “Fox & Anchor” where they serve an eight item breakfast that includes; sausage,bacon, kidneys, eggs, beans, black pudding, fried bread, tea, coffee, toast & jam.  You can upgrade to the Full Monty which includes a mimosa or ale.  www.foxandanchor.co.uk.

By 9:00 a.m. off to the Tower of London to get the early tour.  Then down to the Thames River to take the boat cruise (included in my “Orginal Tour” ticket) down to Picadilly Circle.  Spend the Afternoon site seeing.  Take in Westminister Abbey, Trafalgar Square.  The Lunch at the Greens Restaurant and Oyster Bar.  Before I dash off to the train station for my Eurostar ride go Paris.  A jam packed 28 hours in London, England.