Fine Tuning the Budget

As I begin to nail down the big, fixed and one time expenses of my trip, like airfare, Euro Rail Pass and hotel, I realize that it will be the other things, food, tours, souvenirs, that run up my budget.

With February featuring London as the LOM, I’m really narrowing down my cost for what I realize will probably be the most expensive city in my trip. So this week next to the budget we’ve been working from with estimates for certain categories, I will have a city column for London with some more specific cost.

This weeks budget entry is a based on my Feb 7th LOM entry, “28 Hours in London”, where I mapped out a fairly aggressive run through London. Below is the estimated cost of making that happen

1:10 p.m. Arrive in London

$ 8.00      Cost of Tube Ticket to City from Airport

$ 38.00     Original Tour Company Ticket Price

$  35.25     High Tea @ The Oraganery

$170.00   Hotel – The Hoxton

$ 37.50    Play & Tour @ Globe Theater

$ 52.50      Dinner @ The Pigs Ear

$  16.50     Breakfast @ Fox & Anchor

$32.00     Tour of the Tower Of London

$40.00     Lunch @ Green’s Oyster Bar

$430.00   Total in London

Working Budget                                 London

Airfare              $   835           

Train                    $    868                

Transportation                                                   $     8.00 

Hotel                 $ 800                                       $ 170.00

Food                    $ 600                                        $ 144.00

Ent/Shop           $ 500                                        $ 108.00

Souvenirs          $ 150

Misc                     $ 312

Total                  $4,065                       $ 430.00  London

Be sure to read Sunday’s LOM feature “28 Hours in London” for details on where these numbers came from.