Personal  interests dictate to a traveler, where we go, the sites we see, and what we spend our money on when we go on vacation.  I’m a sun worshiper, and most of my vacation end up in places that are warm, have a beach or at least a pool.  This European vacation is fulfilling some of my other interests –  architecture, food, gardening, cities, cultures, reading, writing and photography. 

One thing that I love to do when I travel, is eat well.  Whether it is a gourmet meal, or a local hole-in-the-wall spot, as long as the food is good, I find it an enjoyable experience.  I especially like trying foods that are the specialty of the region.  Even if it is the obvious tourist choice.  In addition to the fine restaurants of London, the English are best known for the pubs, the pub food, and the atmosphere of the people in the local pubs.

Pub (for Public) – There is a Pub Etiquette in the land of the ever proper Brits. You pay for a round when served – no running of tabs.   If you accept a drink, you buy the next round.  What better way to make friends and start up a conversation with the locals than over a pint of ale.

Globe Theater

London is the land of Shakespeare, and I really want to experience a play while there.  The Globe Theater is the site that I plan to do this it.  Shakespeare”s Globe theater was rebuilt on it original location an opened again in 1997.  It is a replica of the original built in 1599.  If you’ve ever seen the movie Shakespare in Love, you will see a good rendition of the design of this theater.  Most of the audience stands during the performance and these tickets are relatively inexpensive, $8.  There is a 15 – 30 minute tour of the theater, that sounds like it would be worth taking.  While I’m in London “The Merry Wives of Windsor” will be playing.  Check out the website

One more week for our London location of the month.  See where we go next month on March 5th, when the new LOM is revealed.