One of my goals for this month was to read the Diary of Anne Frank. Anne was a 12 year old jewish girl – that hid in Amsterdam with her family. The Anne Frank House is one of the sites on my list of things to see when I go to Amsterdam.

I figured reading her book would give me some insight into what she went through and add some real meaning to actually seeing the house.

One thing about reading books that deal with history is that you know the ending. So half way through, when I felt like I really knew Anne, and was feeling the struggle that she was going through – being a young girl going through all the changes of puberty and the reality that they stayed inside this house hidden for 2 years. Can you imagine not going outside for 2 years! The frustration that you have with the other people you’re cooped up with. The closer it got to the end of the book, and I knew the war was ending, I started to hope that maybe they would make it. When all along, I knew they weren’t.

Anne was a very good writer. Personal diaries are the original blogs. Anne Diary, which she called Kitty, kept her sane. She told Kitty, all her hopes and dreams. All her frustrations and feelings. These things were left for us to experience almost 60 years later.

Anne wanted to be a writer, and one of the things she wanted was to leave something that would last longer than her life.

So in honor of Anne – Even though you never thought your diary was going to be that legacy – I salute you for your courage, and your wonderful attention to detail. Because of your writing, I truly experienced your life in the Annex, and I look forward to putting a physical picture to your words when I visit what today is knows as the Anne Frank House.