Well today was the day! If you’ve been a follower since the first of the year, you have watched me track airfares as they went up and down. Well, yesterday I took the plunge. I purchased my airplane ticket to Europe.

It’s for Real Now!

So, let’s look at the process. My very first look at airfares was last April (2009) when RT from PHX to Paris was in the $500 range. That’s when I though “hmmmm, I should be going to Europe this year.”  But from the 1st of this year and the start of my blog here is how it went.

Jan $1,146             Feb $ 824
        $1,073                     $ 835
        $1,107                     $ 794

So yesterday with money in hand I decided it was probably not going to get much better than this, and while I still had cash I better do it.  So, I booked a U.S. Air flight (My perferred airline) for my Phoenix to London flight, window seats all the way, leaving September 7th.  

  Yeeaaah, Hip Hip Hooorraay!

So this is my first solid decision and it will start the domino effect of everything else for this trip. 

My final airline price was $764 .  Check back on Thursday for a budget entry.

Can you believe itI’M GOING TO EUROPE!