A intrical part of any trip is packing. We try to take all the comforts of home in as many bags as we can carry, or today pay for.

I use to be the Queen of “Kitchen Sink Packing”. Long before federal regulations, and the 3 oz liquid restirictions and zip lock bag restraints. I was the Queen of having all the comforts of home – away from home.

I was a church girl, going to church conventions, for weeks at a time. I am not of the faith where we dressed casually, on Sunday mornings – Only our best was presented at church. Now a week long trip of church all day everyday – and the Fashion Show was on.

All of you ladies know, it takes a lot of work and gear to be georgous – so I just traveled with the basics: a minium of 10 outfits (had to change clothes at least twice a day), along with matching shoes and fancy hats for those special evening services. (These were the Alexis Carrington Days of Big Brimmed Hats  – Dynasty, TV Show, in case you’re to young  – Rent It)  Plus some casual wear, for that down time when we head into town and go – – -OF COURSE Shopping. No outfit is complete without jewlery and makeup.

I would go through the airport with 2 large bags to check, before wheels were standard on all luggage, and porters ruled. One  bag carried just shoes and purses. A carry on bag for make up and jewlery, and at least 2 hat boxes. (Hats are bulky, they can’t be folded or crushed).

Aaaah those were the good old days. . . Well, I have reformed since then.  Come back to see how my packing has transformed over the years.