I have silently thought that my scale of 3 years was off. The 2 to 3 lbs fluctuation in my weight on the high side has been partly the fault of my older well used scale.

Well, I bought a new scale. A shiny glass one, that I was excited to get out of the box and jump on to see what my ACCURATE weight was. Thinking all the time that it’s reading was going to motivate me, inspire me to make my scale Happy, to make her sing a new song, tell a new story.

Well . . . My new scale is a no good, scandolus, lying, treacherous, B_T_H!!!
I jumped off my new scale as if I was standing on hot coals. In her newness and desire to show off, the digital numbers ran up so fast I thought I was at the gas pump. As I saw her speed past 130, 140, 150, I blinked a quick second as I thought I saw a 160 something. But then I jumped off just as quickly, turned out the bathroom light and walked away.

No good lying #*&%#*!. My new scale is possessed. I guess it’s not going to be love at first sight. I’m going to have to work on her!