My packing reform began when I started traveling with groups, vacation traveling, and leaving the state of NY. Airports in large cities were huge, and you would walk through airports like Chicago’s O’hare, for miles, hauling all that stuff. So I learned to travel with only what I could carry, and this was the beginning of packing light.

“The measure of a good traveler is how light you travel” 

You can travel heavy, happy or cheap.  Pick two!

   – – Europe through the back door     by Rick Stevens

Well the two I picked were cheap and happy.  I know that because of the nature of the trip I am planning, that packing lighter than usual is a necessity. 

The first item to make this possible was the right vessel, suitcase, or luggage.  Since I will be hopping across Europe, my luggage will be with me almost all the time.  So a backpack is the most likely choice.  Though I have a large and small backpack that I use daily or sometimes as my carry on for travel, I needed something special for this trip. 

So, I’ve been looking.  Last month, I found something that I though just might work.    So here is your first look at what will be my traveling companion for my European Vacation.

Check in later for the continuation of  “The Art of Packing”  to see if this backpack will work for my Europe trip.