I’ve been very disappointed in my inability to motivate myself into getting back into my fitness regiment.

I am proud to report that I have broken through in a small way and can say I’ve made it through a consistent week with some exercise.

About a month ago, I took my bike to the shop, spent some of my Europe money on repairs, added a few features, brought it home and parked it.

Well last Friday, I took my bike out for a delivery of an Avon order. It felt good riding. I put the bike on the bus for the trip there, (a short distance virtually in my neighborhood, about a mile and a half). The bike makes the half mile walk, after the short bus ride easy.

After the delivery I ride back to the main road, and since I don’t see the bus coming, I continue to ride, and I ride all the way home. It felt good, no pain, like all exerice does on the first day. So I decided to take it to work the next day. Another success. The bike allows me to take only one bus to work. The short distance of about 5 minutes, a mile, can shave up to 45 minutes off my commute.  Another successful trip!

So I rode it again to work the next day. After getting to work, I used it to go to the bank, mailbox, and to purchase snacks for the store, using my newly installed basket. I took my new Europe backpack, to try it out and get use to it.

On the way home, as I was riding to the bus stop, I saw my bus go by. No problem, I can ride the extra half mile two stops down and catch the same bus after it makes its loop. I succeded . After a nap on the bus ride home, I ride the last 1/2 mile to the house. My knees and thighs were feeling it then, but I pressed through and felt good. So I did between 4-5 miles, plus lifting the bike on and off the bus bike rack (upper body workout). I did it again the next day with less pain and more stamina.

I started!  The hardest part of any workout routine – starting.  Step one complete!