Aaaah  . . . The City of Lights!

Of all the places I plan to visit Paris has got to be the most anticipated.  Paris was the original Europe in my mind as a young woman.  Paris was the setting for movies, the city of choice for romantic books, the heart of the fashion world, the city for espionage, art heists, decadent food, wine, chocolate, pastries etc, etc, etc.   My fantasies about Paris are grand and will be alot to live up to.

When I think of France, I instantly think of Paris, the glitz, glamour, food and superb wines.  The country is more than just its capital city of Paris.  France as a whole conjures up many cities where pastries, croissants, cafe’s, strong coffee and wine are supreme.  

So when I started to look up info about the remainder of France, I realize another reason these thoughts come to mind; The Cities of France.  A country with city names like Bordeaux, Cognac, Champagne, Dijon no wonder we expect to eat and drink well.  The country has over 500 varieties of cheese.  (You must have something to serve with all that wine)  So a wine tasting tour seems appropriate for my trip.

The largest meal of the day is lunch.  This will allow me to walk off my calories and save room for desserts in the evenings.

I really wanted to feature “April in Paris” as the LOM , but the month came and went and I missed the opportunity.  So May and June will feature Paris and France.

I will probably spend more time in France than any other country 2 – 3 nights,  there is much I want to see and do.  I already know that I will not accomplish it all.  If it is all I anticipate it to be, it may be the destination of a future vacation, all by itself.

So keep reading to find out my Paris Bucket List, and my 3 days in Paris itinerary.  Aaaaah   PARIS!