Well, I bought a back pack for the trip. You got a quick glimps of it a couple of days ago. It was not the one I originally wanted. . . Last year while just browsing I found the perfect luggage for this Europe Trip.  I was luggage that was also a backpack,  had wheels for the airport and even a detachable day pack.  I thought it was perfect.  I took pictures with my cell phone, and even the price sign, so I would be sure to get the right one.  See pictures below and meet the perfect European Back Pack.

Now, when I began serious planning this trip, I went back to the store to inquire about the luggage.  No one in the store knew what I was talking about, at least 1 told me they didn’t even sell luggage.  Well, I whipped out my phone and politely showed them the pictures of their store, with their signs and guess what LUGGAGE.  Well, after the run around and to make a long story short, they sent me off to their web site to possibly find it.  That was not what I wanted.  Soo . . .   back to the current back pack . . .

One of the first items needed for the trip to be successful was the vessel to carry my life in for 2 weeks. I’ve searched for weeks for a backpack to replace the “perfect” one I’d found in hopes of finding something similar.  Like a good purse it needed many pockets and compartments of the right size to carry the specific items I’m taking with me.  Well wandering one day, I found something I though might work, so I brought it home.

So let me introduce you. It is a Jansport with Air Lift Suspension, designed to make even a heavy load feel light. Regular Price $124.99 – I got it on sale for $59.97.

Now he doesn’t have wheels, but he is going to be the protector of all that is valuable to me for the 2 weeks I’m in Europe.   So next step is to see if he is man enough for the job.  Will he hold what I want to take?  Does he have adequate compartments for all my gadgets?  Does he have good hiding spots for my valuables?  Most important – Is he comfortable? and can I tolerate him on my back for 2 weeks. 

Tune in to see if  he can handle the job, and if  “he”  gets a name.  Suggestions welcomed!