Now that I got my travel partner – my new pack back. I looked for a name for my travel partner. I got one response, and I thought it was a good one so my backpacks name will be Percy. My daughters friend L came up with it. So thanks L.

So, after getting Percy, I figured I better see how much he could hold. So I laid out what I thought I might need to take with me to Europe.

Tank tops                               T-shirts
Tops – Long sleeve and short sleeve
Jacket                                   Sweater Dress
Handkerchief Dress         Cargo pants
Leggins                                  Shawl

I also would need for all my electronic, netbook, mp3, cameras – digital & video and all the plugs and cords needed for charging.  Well after laying it all out, I began to load it in.  There was ample space and sufficient pockets and compartments for everything.  It also wasn’t too heavy.

So, Percy is a keeper.