Well, it’s Saturday, and time for an update on my fitness progress.  I went home last week, for my youngest son’s graduation from college.  (Yeah Pay!  Congratulations – I’m proud of you).  But like all my vacastions I spared no expense on eating and food.  So the scale is never kind on my return.  But, I had started a fairly good routine on my bike, and I hoped that I wouldn’t lose any progress, or motivation on my return.

Well my weight is at 155, but I am truly focusing on strength and stamina more that my crazy scale.  I’ve been back to work 3 days now, and have riden my bike all 3 days.  I always mentally feel better when I get some exercise in.  I can feel my body progressing.  My balance on the bike is better and my speed has picked up as well as my flexibility.  So this is all positive, 

I have done well, on my food budget and eating.  It wasn’t perfect this week, but I did take my lunch each day and didn’t spend any food dollars on lunch.  (More money for the Europe envelope). 

Soooo, what should I add this week. . . .less food or more exercise? ? ?

Ok, I’ve got it.  Before I make a committment on the food or exercise, I’m going to start with water,  Almost everyone agrees, that a big part of losing weight is water intake.  I’m really bad at this.  I’d almost rather drink anything else.  So, this week starting today, I’m pledging to drink a quart of water a day, 32 ozs. 

So, I’ll continue biking and add water.  Living in the AZ heat, I know my body needs more H2O.  Plus hydrating as I cycle in this heat should be a plus all the way around,  Also, it’s suppose to fill you up.  So next Saturday see if I consume the 224 ozs to complete this challenge.  Also look for my cycling progress, and hopefully I’ll get what I want as a bonus – a little movement on the scale.