Last weeks fitness goal was to increase my water intake.  The goal was: 32 ozs of water per day and 224 ozs for the week.  Well, I give myself a 9 for this week.  I exceeded the weekly goal, and made the daily goal 6 out of 7 days. 

The results are that last week I started at 155 lbs and today I’m 151.  Down 4 lbs – Yeeaah! 

Stamina – I rode my bike to work every day this week.  I’m actually enjoying it.  My legs feel stronger and my speed and distance have improved.  Below are my daily water intake numbers.

Saturday    24 ozs     The hardest part!  I started!    

Sunday        36 ozs    Made a little extra effort.

Monday       56 ozs

Tuesday       71ozs     Lots of Bike Riding today

Wednesday 20 ozs    Slacked a little today

Thursday     40 ozs

Friday         38  ozs                                        Average per day for the week    40.7 ozs

WEEK  TOTAL    285 ozs       Goal was 224 ozs

So, I must keep moving forward and build on this start.  So here’s what’s up for next week.

Water  –    Daily goal will increase to 40 ozs per day  – 280 ozs for the week.

Biking  –    Add 1 deliberate 30 minute bike ride

This weeks challenge – Treadmill  (There will be lots of walking in Europe)

Treadmill – minimum three (3),  10 minute sessions @ avg speed of 3.7

Let’s see how many miles & calories I can burn on the Treadmill – and watch my calories for next week.