I went home a few weeks ago and I decided to give Percy and my new Bohemian travel style a try.   This trip was a week  long.  The occasion was a college graduation, and I was also going to church. So I wore jeans and sneakers to travel in.  I packed a  pair of leggings, several t-shirts, a sweater and my pin striped suit, which required a purse and heels for the “Occasions”.  I also took all my electronics; Cell phone, camera, video camera, mp3 and netbook and all there corresponding cords, connectors, zip drives etc.

Now, here’s what I discovered.

Percy’s slit that I use for my netbook is great.  But when the bag is packed, it’s a tight squeeze getting in out @ the airport for security check points.    I still rate this section a 8 – it was a great placement for the netbook.

Cords – 5 rating – I have to find a way to condense these.  Maybe check into a universal charger.  Between the bulky laptop charger, mp3 and camera’s that need to be plugged into a computer to charge and batteries that have to go into chargers and then be plugged in, not to mention that I’m going to have to have a European Adapter.   It took up a good amount of space.  Space that I would like to find a way to save.  Suggestions on this and Product suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Compartments -9 rating – There was good clothing space for what I packed, with adequate sections to separate dirty from clean clothes.

Things to correct – PACK EVEN LIGHTER – why?  Despite the fact that I was only going home, and expected to come back with 1 or 2 pieces less than I went with.  I also picked up random things to bring back that I didn’t expect.  Now, Percy carried it all, but it made for a heavier and bulkier load.  I will also have to look for a day pack to carry when I give Percy the day off.  Something smaller and lighter to carry on tours or just strolling through the city.

PERCY – 10 rating – I’m very pleased with him and will try him out again in another 3 weeks for an extended weekend.  I will try to work on my packing a little more by then. 

Stay tuned to the art of packing series to meet Percy’s companion – Bo.  While Percy will be at my side or on my back for 12 out of the 17 days, Bo will be laying on my chest, close to my heart for 15 of the 17 days of my European Vacation.