This blog was designed, to take you my friends, family and readers, along for the ride on my European vacation. I’ve been making entries all year with the goal of capturing your interest and hopefully you making a habit of reading this blog.

Since I’m traveling alone (well traveling with Percy & Bo), no human companion. I plan to check in with you all daily with a feature entitled TODAY IN EUROPE.

It will have the following daily information :




Picture of the Day:

Person of the Day:

Meal of the Day:

Drink of the Day:

Me Today:  As proof that I’m somewhere and ok – For my caring and worry wart friends.

So like everything else for this trip, I’m trying it out first.  I go home again next week for an annual event with my friends.  The Saratoga Jazz Fest.  So I’m going to “Take You With Me”  and try out this new format.  It will also get me in the habit of looking for those ONE best things of each day and each experience.  So look for me  this time next week in Saratoga, NY.