My weekly fitness post for Saturday, just disappeared into cyber space. I track my progress all week – add a little to the post each day and summarize and post on Friday night for your Saturday “Over the Top” feature. So last night I launched a new page, that will keep and on-going list of my progress, and set my FOOD CHALLENGE post to publish at 6:00 a.m. Weeellllll – this morning, I get up and check to see if it posted. It’s no where to be found – not in drafts, not in posted, not in trash. I have no clue. But it’s frustrating as hell. So sorry you will not get the good version, but the abbreviated one, based on what’s left of my memory. . . Anyway Here Goes . . .

F  O  O  D      C  H  A  L  L  E  N  G  E

Last week challenge was to each 5 fruits and vegetables a day. That proved to be harder than I expected because, fresh fruits and vegetables don’t last long. They really should be purchased every 2 or 3 days. Second, they are expensive. But I tried. Food Challenge Rating – 3

Treadmill Challenge Redo – Rating 7 – I completed my 4 trips to the gym. Doing a 10 min walk at the speed of 4.0, each with a 1 min warm up and cool down. (See the new page “Over the Top” for details). So the Treadmill Challenge will get a 7 – can’t be 10 because it was a red0.

Water Challenge – Rating 10 – I consumed an average of 72 ozs of water a day. Above and beyond the goal of 64 ozs. I will say on the days that I did my exercise – treadmill, and then rode my bike to work – it was easier to consume the water after each of those workouts. But it does keep you in the bathroom. (Another Good though annoying Thing). I weighed in at 151 – this was a nice solid 151, so I’m glad about that. (See “Over the Top” for details).

Next Saturday, there will not be an “Over the Top” weekly post. I will be on a mini vacation (see Thursday Post, Taking you with Me).  As with all vacation all bets are off.  I’m planning to eat and drink too much. That is half the fun of vacation. My on-going fitness challengs are:  Water 64ozs a day, Treadmill 3 times a week, Food 3 Fruits & Vegtables a Day.  I plan to try and accomplish these before I leave and continue when I return.  So check in on July 3rd to see how I did or daily at the “Over the Top” Page