If you look back several entries you will find my first reference to Bo.

Now Bo cost me $14.00, and I got him on mother’s day.  Though it wasn’t the plan, you can say he was my present to myself.

Bo is a fishing/photo vest.  It is light weight with many pockets inside and out.  Almost all of the pockets zip and or velcro shut and some have flaps over those closures.

Where Percy is my muscle, my bouncer, my diversion, my horse, Percy will carry my life and necessities for 2 weeks.  Bo is my protector, my body guard.  Bo will carry all that is truly precious.  Never letting any one get to my heart, that place that could turn my dream vacation into a nightmare.  .  . Being in a foreign country with no cash and no passport.

While  Bo holds all that is truly important, protects it and allows it to be easily accessible to me even when I have Percy watching my back and TSA agents to my front or pick pocekts all around me.


Now I’ve been wearning Bo everyday for the past 3 weeks, and let me tell you it works wonderfully.  Inside zip pockets for pasports, money and credit cards.  Large outside pockets for camera, boarding passes and books.  It works like my purse, holds everything, leaving me hands free.  It was the best $14.00 investment I’ve  made.