I landed in my hometown of Buffalo, NY at 8:56 a.m.  right off the red-eye from Phoenix, through Boston,  That is my least favorite east coast connection city.  The airport doesn’t have as many interesting things to do as Philly or Charlotte.  Plus, it always seems like a waste to fly past Buffalo   to get to Boston.   But it does get me in fairly early.  Now I’m ready to start our pre-Saratoga fun.  Since I just landed, I don’t have any pictures yet, so be sure to check in later to see the pictures of the day. and if I got anything interesting.  Later

Day:                        Thursday

Date:                       June 24, 2010

Location:               Buffalo, NY

Temp/Weather:    71/Cloudy & overcast when I landed.  Poured rain twice in afternoon.  Sun cam out for beautiful evening.

Picture of the Day: 

There is nothing like the sight of Starbucks at 5:30 a.m. ET and 2:30 a.m. Phx time.   Ooooh  you just gotta love Starbucks.

Person of the Day:

Meal of the Day:   Meal of the day was – Raw & Steamed clams, with fresh corn on the cob and french fries.  Eaten outside in the fresh air.    I forgot to get this picture.  I will do better tomorrow.

Drink of the Day:

Dirty Martini with Blue Cheese stuffed Olives – Now unfortunately I forgot to take this picture before I got drunk.  And almost forgot before I finish it.  But you get the picture.

Me Today:  No picture of me today.  But tomorrow is another day.

Come back tomorrow for the road trip to Saratoga, and real vacation fun begins.