Well it is 10:00 a.m. Friday morning, and we are heading out on our 5 hour road trip to Saratoga, NY. Don’t you just love the excitement of the start of a trip. Well come on . . . I did say I was “taking you with me”.

Day:             Friday

Date:            June 25, 2010

Location:    On the Road between Buffalo and Saratoga, NY

Temp/Weather:    83   Sunny and warm – A Beautiful Day

Picture of the Day:’

Person of the Day:

This is Jasper.  He is the owner of Hattie’s Restaurant.  Hattie’s was feature on the Food Network show – Show down with Bobby Flay. There specialty is Fried  Chicken  – and yes it was good.

Meal of the Day:

Red Beans and Rice with Hattie’s Famous Fried Chicken.  I was so full I was just miserable.  Soft Shell Crabs were our appetizer they were in season and delicious.

Drink of the Day:

Watermelon Mojitos

Me Today: