The Jazz Fest started today.  We had a rough night at the hotel.  We drank too much, danced on the patio, played our music too loud and got the police called on us.  We had a blast.  

We started Saturday morning with our normal Jazz Fest routine. First stop Starbucks, second grocery store for our park food, and then to the park to set up for our day.

Day:   Saturday

Date:   June 26, 2010

Location:  Saratoga, NY

Temp/Weather:   77 – The day started out nice an sunny about 12:30 it started raining and kept going til about 5:00 p.m.

Picture of the Day

Do you think we have enough wine for the day? ? ? ?

Person of the Day: 

 OK – What is he wearing.  It was a toss up for the person of the day.  If you are a people watcher – this is a great place.  There are so many crazy outfits & hair styles, finding a person of the day is easy.


Meal of the Day:  Fried Chicken & Potato Salad

Drink of the Day:  Mimosa

Yeah, I forgot to take pictures again.  Remember this is practice.  I have to get use to documenting all my experiences.

Me Today:

Hats, Hats, Hats – You gotta love em!    All I need is some place to go.  One of these may have been my Saratoga purchase, if I wasn’t saving for Europe.


Since I didn’t get a picture of the meal or drink of the day, I’ve added some pictures of the wares of the many vendors that sell stuff at the Jazz Fest.  See you tomorrow for Day 2