As I did my weekly Tuesday revisions of “Running Updates” and put in my progress for the “Over the Hill”  page, I began to realize that this trip really is fast approaching.   All the emotions of this blog title ran through my mind. So I figured, I’d do a little side bar from the norm and just ramble on for a few minutes.
Now this ramble is more for me than you – But I’m going to deal with the F word first and get it out of the way.   FEAR . . . . as I was counting the days and counting my money the first fear crept up – Am I going to have enough money?!?!?!?    The answer is NO.   Now that that is out of the way let’s move on. If I had $5,000 Euro cash – It wouldn’t be enough. So I had to remind myself, what my original plan for this trip was.   It was never suppose to be a glamorous, pull all the stops out because I’m on vacation trip.  Thus the reason, I’m traveling with a back pack and riding the subways and trains across Europe.  This trip was always, I REPEAT, ALWAYS, about experiencing European countries,, seeing their grand old architecture, and trying to get a small sense of the European Lifestyle. I can live as frugally in Europe as I do every day here.  Second fear was minor – “Oh My God, I’m going to Europe by myself!”   That never stopped me from doing anything before – So I’m off.
PREPARATION – Now is the time when I start thinking of all the stuff, I don’t have and need to get.   Most of which, I don’t need.  This is where most people go wrong in packing.  Even if you start out good, this is the point where you buy little stuff, extras, the travel gadgets that would be cute or convenient, THAT YOU DON’T NEED.  For me I don’t need to carry any extra stuff, or spend any unnecessary money before I go.
Once I get by all of the above – All that’s left is the excitement that I’M GOING TO EUROPE and the anticipation that I only have 2 months, 9 weeks, 62 days, 13 hrs and 15 minutes til take-off.