Hooray, the second big expense after the airfare has been completed. I received my Eurail Global Pass in the mail last week. (Well actually my daughter brought it by – it came in her mail – Thanks Jaz) .  For a final price of $653,  it is a 15 consecutive day pass. Which means that I can do unlimited travel in 21 European countries for 15 days straight. The beauty of this is that even though I have a plan for traveling through Europe, I can alter those at any point. Well if I don’t find any money for hotels in the next few weeks, I have a seat on a train every night. lol

The train is on the track now – so check blog frequently in the next 7 weeks. Yes that’s right I only have 7 weeks or 56 days before I leave. It’s really time to step it up. I’ve got several blogs written and ready to post. Pushing my physical stamina, cutting my daily expenses to save for Europe, and really beginning to get excited. It’s almost time.