With only about 5 weeks left before I leave for Europe, I figured I’d make my last few “Over the Top”  Fitness entries a little different and explain where some of the goals come from and how I figured they would relate to my Vacation. 

First the title of the fitness section “Over the Top”  – I had been working on a lifestyle change for the past 4 years that I have been here in Phoenix.  That routine consisted of changing the way I ate and learning to cook my favorite foods in a healthier manner as well as lots of different exercise routine.  As with most diets at some point you hit a plateau, and I did as well.  I got to within 2 lbs of what I thought would be my ideal weight, and I just couldn’t seem to get any further, couldn’t get Over the Top.  Thus the title of the fitness section.

All along, my Europe goal was to get physically fit so that all the walking, hiking, biking etc., that I may do in Europe wouldn’t find my body screaming “What Are You Doing?”.  So as I move to the final stages of this current travel workout strategy, I figured I change it a little and put my workout into a real life travel scenario for the final 4 weeks. 

Nutritionally, my attempts at healthy eating are totally opposite of what I’ll be doing on my trip. I plan to eat as decadently as I can afford to.  Swiss Chocolate, French Pastry, Italian Pasta, and nightly tapas in Spain. Oh yeah, that’s my non-healthy European eating plan.  I believe though that I can counter all of these extra calories with all the site seeing and exploring I will be doing.

Next Saturday, will feature my European Workout Simulation for the last 4 weeks before my trip.  A new an exciting plan for my final fitness push before Europe.  Join me and let the countdown begin.