This years fitness plan was all about getting physically fit for my European Vacation so my workout plan for the next 4 weeks will be an in-house simulation of what I plan on physically doing on this trip and if I’m anywhere near close enough to accomplish it without keeling over and sucking wind.  So here goes.

My trip will consist of lots of walking, cycling, hiking and some swimming.  So the exercise key is as follows:                                                                                    

Walking = Treadmill

Stairs = Stair Master

Hiking = Treadmill & Eliptical

Cycling = Exercise Cycle or my Bike

Simming = Pool/Laps

LondonI land in London and literally hit the ground running, I only have 31 hours in London so let the site seeing begin.   So for my first workout of the week I will need to do 60 minutes on the treadmill at one time, and for bonus 2 – 30 min session all in one day. Easy pace 3.0, max incline of 5.

Treadmill   –  60 – 120 mins,   3.2 speed, incline 4

Paris – My first 24 hours in Paris will be to start at the Arc De Triomphe, climb the 284 stairs to the top, get my picture, and stroll down the grand avenue of Champs-Elysees.  Therefore my second workout of the week will be on the Stair Master until I hit 284 stairs then 45 – 60 min on the treadmill.

Stair Master – 284 Stairs      Treadmill – 45 min, 3.2 speed, incline 4.0

If I manage to squeeze in another workout – It will be the stairmaster to prepare for the 1,665 stairs of the Eiffel Tower.  Next Saturday, the simulation and workout continue.