We left last weeks workout off at the Eiffel Tower.  (To see the results of my progress check the Over the Top page above or Tuesdays Audio Post).   Now, I really don’t think I can climb the 1,665 stairs to the top of the Effiel Tower, but I probably will take the stairs down. Plus there are plenty of stairs to climb in Europe. So the first part of this weeks workout will be on the Stair Master. 

Stair Master – 400 Stairs 

Day two in Paris I will be visiting the Palace Versaille – The Palace Versaille is set on 18,000 square meters.  I will be walking through the many buildings of the Palace, roaming the grounds and riding a bike through the gardens.  Soooo, my second workout this week will be walking and riding.

Treadmill 30 min, 3.2 speed, incline 4          Bicycling 30 minutes

With all the cycling, and stair climbing, I should have iron thighs, or very sore thighs.  For this week it’s thighs, thighs, THIGHS!