I thought it might be fun to have some interaction with you my readers while on my vacation. All year the thought of a Scavenger Hunt played in my head. I’ve made mention of it throughout my blogs, but I didn’t really know how I was going to put it together, or more importantly how I could involve you the reader. (I still don’t have that answer) So, I figure the only way to determine if I’m a winner is through a point system. But before that – let’s outline the hunt.

I figured a 100 pts was a good round number – so that is what I will need to be declared a winner.  Some items will be worth more points than others.  Some are easier to get, some mean more to me as a traveler.  I’m in Europe 16 days with 1 travel day for a total of 17 days.  This gives me an average of 6 items per day.  Items will be verified by photos taken and posted,  of the items or events on the sacavenger hunt list.  A new page is launched today as well entitled Scavenger Hunt.  Be sure to check it out to see the official Scavenger List and frequenty during my vacation to see how many items I complete on my list. 

If you have any items to suggest for my list send them to me as a comment.  Also if you have a way that you, my readers can participant I’d be glad to hear it.