Tuesday’s have been the days that I kept track of the Countdown. The Running Update page at the top have kept you abreast of everything from airline prices, my current weight, temperatures in Europe, current price of a Euro to how much cash I had on hand.  So in case you never went to the top of the page and checked it out.  Today you’ll get it in a post.

On-going Trip Plans and  Statistics    

Countdown:            1 Week      –    7 days     –       September 7th Departure

Weight:                       150 lbs                      “Over the Top”   Not really sure – scale is broken

Budget:                          $1,000                     I can make this work.  So I’m going with it. 

Cash on Hand            $700.00                 5 Euros – $25.00 Visa Gift Card

Airfare:                        $ 764.40                  Phx – LHR  US Air 

Eurorail Pass:          $653.00                   15 consecutive day pass

Currency Watch:        US Dollar   –    1$       Euro – $1.27     British Pound – $1.55

                                                                                    Both are down from last week – A good sign

Temps:                Paris  72              London  67              Amsterdam  65  

                                 Bern   68           Pisa 84                     Seville   97