Well today is my last day in the states. I’m having a pot luck bon voyage party. Most of my friends are working til 6:00 so for now I’m drinking and laying by the pool working on my tan.

I have discovered skype today, and I am so impressed. Technology is a wonderful things. Through skype I can talk to my friend and SEE them. I am just enthralled by this concept. No need to worry you can see and talk to me and it’s FREE. Well as the party progresses, I will add pictures so as the day goes on check back to see how the party is going.

To.morrow I leave and I need all my friends and acquaintes to check my blog daily to see that I’m alive and well. I feel safe knowing that you all are keeping track of me even though I am on the other side of the pond. I love all you guys and look forward to taking you with me.ย  I will be updating this blog throughout the day with pictures of the party