Well Good Morning the time is:

10:16 a.m. London     5:16 a.m, East Coast     2:16 a.m. Phoenix

I’m about to start another day.  Today will be all about Sight Seeing,  I believe I’m going to stay an extra night in London (With my Host permission) and run around London today free of Percy.  I’m kinda sore and stiff this a.m. but we are going to work that right out.

Weather:   Currently 61 degress   – Sunny

Off to find the Tower of London – Talk  to you guys later.

Check out the New Page on Top “Europe on a Budget”  see how many days I can do under $100.  YESTERDAY was a bang up day!

Time 11:31 p.m.       East Coast  6:32 p.m.     Phoenix     3:32 p.m.

Well it was a long day so and I’m tired, but I needed to update you guys on Todays Sight Seeing.  I spent most of the day at the Tower of London, then went to Parliment, Westminister Abbey,  and Buckingham Palace. 

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