I decided to do 2 separate post today, because in a way it seems like two different days.  I woke up in London, and now I am in Brussels Belgium, a whole different country and a new time zone.

Current time:  1:06 a.m. Saturday   East Coast 7:06 p.m.   Phoenix  4:07 p.m.

Current Temp in Brussels  59  – a little chilly but great sleeping weather

Well I did a slight detour today and made a stop in Brussels.  It wasn’t on my original plan but what I’ve seen of it so far it is a beautiful city.  Sightseeing tomorrow.  I have a wonderful couchsurfing host  Brigitte, and I have been working on my French.

So here are a few pictures for today, I updated the budget and the scavenger hunt page.   We will have to see what adventures tomorrow  brings.

Me for the day – Leaving London


Train Ticket to Brussels

London Train Station











The Neighborhood I am staying in

Dinner – Vegtable Quiche prepared  by my host

My Host Brigitte